Dog Friendly Hotels in Tokyo 🍖

There’re many spots in Tokyo where you can go sightseeing with your dog, such as the symbol of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower and Venus Fort where you can do some fancy shopping.

But it’s hard to find a hotel to stay with your dog. Here are 5 hotels I recommend in Tokyo and their characteristics.


Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

The view from the guest rooms is very good, and you can see the Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and other unique spots in Tokyo. You can stay with dogs or cats weighing less than 34 kg.

There’s a pet concierge in the hotel, so you can learn about a walking course and a pet supply store. You don’t have to worry even if you don’t know the situation of the pet related facilities nearby.

▼Accommodation in the same room: Available
▼Accommodation for large dogs: Available (34 kg or less)
▼Dog amenities: Bedtime cushion, food and beverage tray, toilet sheet, cage, and walk set


Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

You can stay with a small dog under 10 kg in this hotel. Midsize dogs are allowed to stay if they weigh less than 10 kg. There’s a special guest room Dog Friendly Room where you can stay with your dog.

The accommodation fee includes “Etiquette Care Service” and you can have your dog’s nail cut and sole clipped before staying. The hotel has a PET-SPA Takanawa Shop , so you can have your dog temporarily taken care of or trimmed.

▼Accommodation in the same room: Available
▼Accommodation for large dogs: Not available (Less than 10 kg)
▼Dog amenities: Food bowl, pet toilet, air cleaner, pet cage, pet water dispenser, carry bag, dog bath towel, toilet bag, toilet sheet, hair roller, wet tissue, deodorant, alcohol hand sanitizer, and reed hook


I want to stay here forever…


Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo At Marunouchi

This is a hotel in central Marunouchi where you can stay with a dog under 7 kg.

The hotel is directly connected to the underground passage of Tokyo Station, so it’s easy to get to the hotel from the station even on a rainy day. There’re many sightseeing spots around the hotel and the Imperial Palace can be reached in a 5 minute walk.

It’s a luxury hotel, but the fee for bringing a dog is cheaper. There’re a lot of dog amenities, so it would be nice to borrow free walking goods!

▼Accommodation in the same room: Available
▼Accommodation for large dogs: Not available (7kg or less)
▼Dog amenities: Dog bed, cage, toilet, dishes, water, and dog garbage can


The Peninsula Tokyo

Unusually in big cities, it’s one of the most popular hotels where you can stay with your dog. Dogs weighing less than 15 kg can stay.

The service for dogs is especially great, and you can request a walk by Page Girl or have room service for dogs. The dog amenities are also luxurious, so it’s perfect for dogs.

▼Accommodation in the same room: Available
▼Accommodation for large dogs: Not available (15 kg or less)
▼Dog amenities: Tableware, toys, pet sheets, etiquette bags, dust pails,and Simmons dog beds


I want to eat yakiniku for lunch today!


Tsukiji Business Hotel Ban

This is a reasonable business hotel in Tsukiji and you can stay with up to two small dogs. There’s no food and drink menu for dogs, but there’re cafes and restaurants where you can bring your dog about 5 minutes on foot.

The pet hotel Ban Pets is also open in the hotel and you can leave your pet there. There’re staff who are certified as pet sitters at Ban Pets, so you don’t have to worry even if you are away from your dog.

▼Accommodation in the same room: Available
▼Accommodation for large dogs: Not available (Small dogs only)
▼Dog amenities: None


I’m so happy to travel with you!!