Kyoto Fire Ramen MENBAKA – Amazing Fire Show in Japan 🎆

When it comes to gourmet food in Kyoto, there’re a lot of delicious things like matcha, obanzai, yudofu and so on, but I want to try some unique travel gourmet!

I recommend ramen restaurant “Menbaka Fire Ramen” to those who like that.

It’s a ramen restaurant that is like a sightseeing spot that is often featured on TV in Kansai.

Here’s what’s so great.

Let’s go inside the restaurant.

The ramen in this restaurant has a normal menu name, but the way they serve it is unusual. It’s a ramen restaurant like an attraction that does a terrible show right in front of you.

The famous ramen is green onion ramen. The price is 1,100 yen, which is a little high, but I guess the price includes the show.

But the menu of this green onion ramen has the letters “DANGER” on it, which makes me excited about what will happen.

Even if you come with several people, those who ordered green onion ramen will be seated at the counter and those who ordered other ramen will be seated at the table, so you should decide what to order at the entrance in advance.

When you enter the store, the shop staff ask me, “Would you like green onion ramen?”. When you say green onion ramen, you’ll be taken to a counter seat and paper aprons will be distributed.

It’s the beginning of the ramen show!

If you order green onion ramen, you can see how it is made from the counter. If you look carefully on the counter, the wood is deformed and burnt black by heat everywhere.

When the ramen is almost finished, the shop staff will start putting towels around the counter. This is for a show to be held later.

And women with long bangs have to tie their bangs. You can’t choose to refuse, so please tie your bangs together when the staff gives you a rubber band. By the way, you can take this rubber with you.

And the main ramen of the show is placed in front of you. It looks delicious as it is.

The shop owner with enough spirit will come over the counter.He has a pot with a suspicious liquid in his hand.

The show is now ready!

There’s a pillar of fire in front of you!!!

The owner will explain the precautions before the show.

“Hold your hands behind you.” “Pull yourself together.” “Don’t scream even if the fire pillar rises.” “Please do not stand up because it is dangerous even if it is hot.”

And when the liquid is poured into the ramen from the owner’s pot, the fire pillar rises from the ramen in no time.

It’s hot!   It’s scary!

It makes you want to scream, but please scream in your heart because you are told not to scream.

When there’re many people at the counter, the fire pillar rise in order from the edge, so you can see other people’s fire pillar and reactions. Even if you are told not to scream, most people are screaming.

After the fire show, it’s time to eat.

This green onion ramen is soy sauce ramen with plenty of Kujo green onions from Kyoto. It’s not greasy even though oil is poured on it, and the green onion on fire is fragrant and delicious.

Kyoto is a battleground for ramen, and there’re many other good restaurants, but I recommend Menbaka-Ichidai when you want to have fun.

Ramen other than green onion ramen is also delicious. This ramen restaurant is not only for fire show.

You want to have a meal that will become a memory of my trip! If so, please go there!


  • Hours: 11:30~23:00
  • Open all year round
  • Website