Kyoto Gekikara Shopping Street – Extremely Spicy Foods 😡

Muko City in Kyoto Prefecture is the smallest city in western Japan. It’s known as The Bamboo Grove Path and a producer of high-quality bamboo shoots. Muko City started Gekikara Shopping Street to revitalize the town. Gekikara means extremely spicy in English. There’re many shops lined up with their own extremely spicy dishes. It’s now a holy place for people who love spicy food. Contents1 What’s Gekikara Shopping Street?2 Shops Introduction2.1 Chinese restaurant Iki-Iki2.2 Chinese restaurant Kirin-en3 Shopping Center Life City Higashimuko3.1 Chinese restaurant Min-min3.2 Japanese confectionery shop Eikyu-do4 Kara-1 Grand Prix What’s Gekikara Shopping Street? When you think of shopping street, isn’t it a street with shops? In this Gekikara … Continue reading Kyoto Gekikara Shopping Street – Extremely Spicy Foods 😡