Kyoto Ramen-koji Recommended Menus 🍜

There are many famous sightseeing spots such as Kyoto Tower, Kyoto Aquarium and Nishi Honganji around Kyoto Station. Do you know Ramen-koji in Kyoto Station? Popular ramen shops from all over Japan gather here. Therefore, you can enjoy popular ramen from all over the country without going to various places. As of 2021, there are 8 ramen shops, and although ramen shops sometimes change, every shop is crowded with many people. But you will be wondering which ramen to eat. This time, I will introduce the features and menus of the recommended ramen shops. Why don’t you find your favorite ramen and enjoy at Ramen-koji? ※Please buy a meal ticket … Continue reading Kyoto Ramen-koji Recommended Menus 🍜