Kagai Miyagawa-cho, Unknown to Tourists

In Kyoto, Kagai is a town where Maiko and Geiko entertain customers with their performances and stories. There are 5 Kagai in Kyoto: Gion Kobu, Gion Higashi, Pontocho, Kamishichiken and Miyagawa-cho. The biggest and most popular one is Gion Kobu. Pontocho is also popular for its many restaurants. In this article, I introduce Miyagawa-cho. In fact, Miyagawa-cho has a charm that other Kagai don’t have. I hope you will deepen your knowledge of Kagai and enjoy Kyoto more.   Contents1 What is Kagai?2 About Miyagawa-cho Kagai3 How to enjoy Miyagawa-cho3.1 Kyo-odori dance3.2 Experience Maiko3.3 Night walk3.4 Wine bar Oumi-e3.5 Kyoto original stationery shop What is Kagai? Maiko and Geiko don’t … Continue reading Kagai Miyagawa-cho, Unknown to Tourists