Kobe Cherie-tei – Popular Ramen in Kansai 🍜

In Hyogo Prefecture, which is represented by Kobe, there are many famous ramen shops. Among them, Kobe Cherie-tei is a famous local ramen shops with 6 stores in Hyogo Prefecture and 1 in Osaka Prefecture. This time, I will introduce the Kobe Cherie-tei the recommended menu. 🍜 Contents1 What kind of ramen shop?2 Characteristics of noodles3 Detailed Ramen Menu4 Additional Toppings5 Information What kind of ramen shop? Since its opening, Cherie-tei has expanded its number of shops as a shop where you can enjoy delicious ramen, and it is becoming popular as one of the best ramen shops in Kansai. It has some features that are different from ordinary ramen … Continue reading Kobe Cherie-tei – Popular Ramen in Kansai 🍜