Best Fugu (Pufferfish) Restaurants in Namba, Osaka 🐡

There may be many people who have seen a big fugu lantern swimming in Shinsekai, Osaka. There’re many fugu restaurants in Osaka that consume 60% of the fugu catch. But from a foreigner’s point of view, Japanese who eat poisonous fugu seem crazy. The liver and ovaries of fugu contain a deadly poison called tetrodotoxin, which used to kill some people. However, as research on fugu poisons has developed, only fugu that have been carefully selected according to the standard values for hygiene specified by the government are distributed for sale. In addition, only cooks who are licensed to cook fugu are allowed to eat fugu at the restaurant, so … Continue reading Best Fugu (Pufferfish) Restaurants in Namba, Osaka 🐡