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Online Shopping Sites in Japan

This is the Japanese version of the world’s most famous online shopping site. has a lot of Japanese items.

You can choose from many Japanese items and ship them to your home overseas. requires a different account than

You can save more points by applying for Amazon Prime. There’s an annual fee, but you can get up to 2.5% for each purchase. Basically, the points are only used on Amazon’s site, but the appeal is that you can buy products at low prices.



It’s a typical online shopping site born in Japan and is used by the largest number of people in Japan.

Rakuten has which can ship only within Japan and Rakuten Global Market which can ship overseas.

Rakuten Global Market is delivered directly to customers in over 210 countries and regions from shops in Japan. You can also use a delivery service called Rakuten Global Express which you can combine items from multiple shops. However, there’re a limited number of items that can be shipped overseas. cannot be shipped overseas, but the number of items is overwhelmingly larger than Rakuten Global Market. There’re about 47,000 shops and about 260 million items, but you can buy all of them. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t support foreign language display, but you can use the translation function of your browser.  >>Rakuten Member Registration

One way to get items in your country is to use an Overseas Forwarding Services. With this, you can get all kinds of Japanese items. Items purchased on Amazon or other online shopping sites can be packed in the same package. This saves shipping costs. is an online shopping site that sells over 300,000 items ranging from very popular digital home appliances to household goods.

The shop sells home electronics and electrical accessories that are hot around the world, including CE appliances, mobile phones and smart devices.


Shan and Toad

Shan and Toad is a brand made for trendy children.

The shop’s collection combines elegance and chic elements to suggest new trends in children’s clothing. They also offer personal styling and advice on clothing, shoes and accessories.



PatPat is a large general fashion site for babies and mothers from the United States. This store buys directly from the manufacturer, so you can get high quality items at low prices. You can choose from a large selection of over 20,000 items, and new items are always updated.

I recommend you to check the website frequently because they often have bargain sales.

Products: maternity clothes, nursing clothes, newborn clothes, children’s clothes, household goods, accessories, etc.