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How to Buy Mameshiba (Shiba Inu) – 3 Recommended ways

Shiba Inu is a typical breed of dog in Japan, and it is also popular overseas recently.

Mameshiba is a small size Shiba Inu that is growing in popularity due to its rarity.

There are pet shops, foster parents, breeders, and so on as a way to buy a dog, but I considered the best way to buy a Mameshiba.

Buying from a pet shop

As an advantage of buying at a pet shop, after-sales service is good. Many of the shop’s staff are qualified as trimmers and have extensive knowledge about dogs, so they are easy to consult and feel at ease.

However, Mameshiba is not officially recognized as a dog breed in the JAPAN KENNEL CLUB (JKC), so there are few opportunities to see it in pet shops. (Only authorized by KC Japan)

Since it is a small Shiba Inu, the breed written on the pedigree may be described as Shiba Inu.

Prices are higher because they are not sold much in pet shops in the first place. If you trade, the price will be 30,0000 〜 60,0000 yen.

In the case of vicious pet shops, after purchasing a Mameshiba puppy for a high price, it often grows to the size of a normal Shiba Inu.

Considering these, it is difficult to purchase at a pet shop, and the risk is high.

Become a foster parent

There are many organizations such as social welfare corporations, NPOs and volunteer organizations that are looking for foster parent of dogs.

Also, there is a facility called HOGOKEN CAFE in Kansai that specializes in rescued dogs, so please refer to it.

In the case of foster parent system, it will be transferred free of charge. However, you will be responsible for the initial costs such as vaccination, contraception and castration.


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You can see dogs moving around freely in the facility, so it has an advantage that you can easily understand their personality and characteristics. You can understand the living environment of dogs so far, and I think it is easy to consult about future breeding.

On the other hand, different from purchasing from pet shops or breeders, various warranties and after-sales service may not be available.

Especially, Mameshiba is prone to trouble, and it is often said that once they grew up, they became ordinary Shiba Inu.

If it is limited to Mameshiba, foster parent will have various problems.

Buying from a Breeder

Finally, how to purchase from a breeder. There are two ways to do this. One way is to contact the breeder directly and make a purchase, and the other is to use the breeder’s intermediary site.

There are many Mameshiba breeders in Japan, but what is famous in Kansai is Seshu-Houzan-so. All the Mameshiba sold here come with a Pedigree issued by KC Japan, so you can rest assured.

The Standard for Mameshiba

And as an intermediate site for breeders, Breeder ONE and Breeder NAVI are famous.

I recommend them because they have detailed information about breeders of Mameshiba all over Japan.

However, in the end, you and the breeder need to contact directly and make a deal.

The price varies from breeder to breeder but is around 200,000 to 500,000 yen. But it’s cheaper and safer than buying it at a pet shop.


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Considering the availability, price and warranty of Mameshiba, it’s best to buy it directly from the breeder!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that getting a real Mameshiba depends on finding a good breeder.

If you welcome any pet into your house, it is the same as your family. Please choose your dog without regret!

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