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11 Recommended Small Bonsai on Amazon 🎍

Bonsai is popular in the world, but do you know that there is a small hand-held bonsai that is easy to enjoy indoors?

In addition to the standard Goyo-matsu, various kinds of bonsai such as cherry blossoms and maple trees are popular.


This time, I will introduce how to choose small bonsai and recommended popular products.

There are also stylish bonsai in pots that are perfect as gifts. The small size is easy for beginners to enjoy.

Check out this article to find one of your favorites and get into the world of bonsai!

How to choose a small bonsai

First, I will explain how to choose small bonsai.

Choose plants that suit the sunlight and ventilation.

Please choose plants to grow depending on the sunlight and ventilation of the place where you put the small bonsai.

Sunlight requirements vary from plant to plant, but most plants require good ventilation.

If it is not well ventilated, heat and moisture will be trapped between the leaves and cause disease.

Pine trees, which are a staple of bonsai, should be avoided in places with poor sunlight.


On the other hand, cherry blossoms and maples can grow in the shade, so there is no problem in a room with low sunlight.

However, if flowers are kept in the shade throughout the year, it may be difficult for the next year’s flower buds to stick.

Even if the plants can grow in the shade, place them in a sunny and airy place such as by the window or at the front door as much as possible.

Choose the right type for your room

In addition to the standard pine bonsai, there are also leaf bonsai, flower bonsai, and fruit bonsai.

Choose from authentic bonsai, cute and casual bonsai to suit your interior and taste.

Because pine bonsai is tough and easy to grow, it is for beginners.

Bonsai of evergreen coniferous trees such as Goyo-matsu are perfect for beginners of bonsai. Although it looks authentic, it is resistant to environmental changes, strong and easy to grow, so it is also recommended for beginners.

In addition, there is little change in appearance throughout the year and it is stable as a decoration of the room. If you prune, the same tree will look different and you can arrange it to your favorite shape.

Leaf bonsai are easy to grow and you can enjoy seasonal variations.

Like pine bonsai, leaf bonsai without flowers such as enoki, maple and zelkova are relatively easy for beginners to grow. Although pruning and cutting of leaves are necessary, many trees are strong and easy to manage.

In addition, the best part of leaf bonsai is that you can enjoy changes according to the season such as new sprouts, new greenery and autumn leaves.

If you want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of bonsai, I recommend not only pine bonsai but also leaf bonsai.

Flower bonsai can be enjoyed with flowers and fragrances.

If you want to enjoy bonsai in a casual way, I recommend a flower bonsai that matches a Western style interior. Bonsai doesn’t always enjoy the shape of the branches or the color of the leaves.

If cherry blossoms and wisteria bloom, the room will be gorgeous. Some flowers bloom only once a year, while others bloom many times throughout the year.


In addition, there are some types of flower bonsai that you can enjoy fragrances such as ume (Japanese apricot) and kinmokusei (fragrant olives). The faint scent of flowers will soothe your mood and make you relax.

Fruit bonsai has a good growing process.

If you want to enjoy the change of the season, I recommend fruit bonsai which you can observe the process of growth by bearing fruit.

There are Hime-ringo (crab apple), Karin (Chinese quince), and persimmon. In addition to the green and brown of trees and leaves, the vivid color of the fruit serves as an interior accent.

In addition, fruit bonsai is very attractive because you can harvest grown fruits. If it’s a kind of yuzu or lemon, you can harvest it and use it for cooking.

Which do you choose, evergreen or deciduous?

There are two types of plants for bonsai, evergreen and deciduous. Choose it after considering how to enjoy it and how to care for it.

The characteristic of evergreen trees such as pine and gardenia is that the atmosphere does not change throughout the year, and the labor for processing fallen leaves can be saved.

Recommended for those who want to keep the atmosphere of the room constant and those who want to reduce the time and effort of maintenance.


On the other hand, deciduous trees are perfect for those who want to enjoy the changing seasons.

The appearance of deciduous trees such as maple and zelkova trees changes according to the four seasons, and you can feel the flow of time.

However, some types of deciduous trees change little with the seasons, so if you want to enjoy the changes in the trees, check out the varieties beforehand.

Choose bonsai according to your ideal way of growing them.

Some bonsai trees are grown from seeds or seedlings, while others are grown from a certain stage of growth. Choose from easy to grow and preference.

If you want to enjoy growing them, let’s grow them from seeds and seedlings.

If you want to grow small bonsai with love, try growing them from seeds and seedlings. For some species of trees such as pine and cherry trees, cultivation kits with seeds, seedlings, pots and culture soil are sold, so it is not necessary to purchase them individually.

However, please be careful that it takes time to grow from seeds and seedlings and it is difficult. It is good for people with some bonsai experience to try it.

Trees that have grown to a certain extent are easy to grow and require little effort.

I recommend trees that have grown to a certain extent to people who want to save the trouble of growing them. It can be used for pruning and arranging, so it is suitable for people who want to enjoy taking care of it to their liking.

However, you don’t raise them from scratch, so you have to choose from the ones with a certain shape. If you want to arrange the shape of a tree, choose a tree with more branches and leaves.

I will introduce the recommended small bonsai!

Small Longevity Plum Bonsai

How about a gift for your parents or grandparents?

As its name suggests, the deciduous, longevity plum tree is popular as an auspicious tree representing longevity. The stem with vermilion petals and modest leaves is attractive.

The flowering time is around April, but depending on the environmental conditions, flowers may bloom throughout the four seasons, so you can enjoy them more.

Why don’t you include it as a gift for your parents and grandparents, wishing for longevity and health?


Small Longevity Plum Bonsai

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Goyo-matsu Bonsai and Tool Set

The set of tools makes it easy for beginners to start.

In addition to the Goyo-matsu, which is easy to grow even for beginners, this set includes special scissors and fertilizer.

An instruction manual is included. In addition, since it uses the authentic pine bonsai of Shikoku, it is a superb item for serious bonsai lovers.

It’s perfect for beginners who want to start bonsai as a new hobby.


Goyo-matsu Bonsai and Tool Set

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Nanten Bonsai (black pot)

Perfect as an accent for your balcony or garden.

It has a compact appearance with the height of the tree of about 9 cm and the diameter of the pot of about 6 cm, and the rounded black small bowl is attractive.

The tree of Nanten used has the auspicious meaning of “escaping from trouble", and will be appreciated as a gift.

Decorating it outdoors in a sunny and airy environment makes it easy to maintain and eliminates the need for frequent watering.

It is recommended for beginners who handle plants and those who want to enjoy bonsai in limited space.


Nanten Bonsai (black pot)

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Red and White Plum Bonsai

Gentle colors are popular among women.

It is a plum bonsai with gentle pink and white flowers. Plum flowers sprout in the severe cold of winter, and when it is still cold, they bloom beautifully and have a pleasant fragrance. It is also called a flower which calls spring from severe winter.

Plum blossoms are considered auspicious flowers in Japan, and a single flower brightens the room at once and makes you feel happy.

Check it out if you want to feel happy with the cute interior.


Red and White Plum Bonsai

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Goyo-matsu Bonsai (black pot)

The black bowl makes Goyo-matsu more beautiful.

It is a product with Goyo-matsu planted in a high-class black pot. Because it is an evergreen tree, you can enjoy green leaves throughout the year without falling leaves.

The branches that have already grown are easy to care for and come with instructions on how to grow them and fertilizer, so even inexperienced people can try it easily.

If you want to grow traditional Goyo-matsu in style, please check it out.


Goyo-matsu Bonsai (black pod)

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Maple Tree Bonsai (Shigaraki ware or Seto ware)

You can feel the changes of the four seasons at home.

You can see green in summer, red leaves in autumn, and colorful maple in each season. You can choose either Shigaraki ware or Seto ware for the flowerpot.

If you keep the temperature difference between day and night, sunlight and moderate humidity, you can enjoy bright red autumn leaves.

If you want to feel the season with bonsai, please check it out.


Maple Tree Bonsai (Shigaraki ware or Seto ware pod)

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Bonsai

Enjoy cherry blossom viewing at home

It is a bonsai that you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at home. The cherry blossoms will bloom from mid to late April and the pink petals will open all at once.

The cherry blossoms will be gone in about 2 weeks, but you can enjoy them at home from the cherry blossom buds to the fallen leaves.

The pot is Shigaraki ware and comes with instructions on how to grow it.

I recommend it to people who want to feel Japanese cherry blossoms closely. If you buy it as a gift, you can have it wrapped if you want.


Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Bonsai

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Longevity Plum and Goyo Matsu Pair Set

Perfect as a gift for parents and grandparents

It is a set of Longevity Plum and Goyo-matsu that is easy to care for even those who are not used to bonsai.

The design of the small pod to create a sense of unity is also a nice point. Also, the two trees arranged like a couple are lucky and suitable as gifts.

How about growing these with your partner?


Longevity Plum and Goyo Matsu Pair Set

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Cherry Blossom Bonsai (Shigaraki ware)

Cherry Blossom You Can Enjoy Seasonal Changes

The best time to see cherry blossoms is in April, but you can see the buds, blooming, fresh green and fallen leaves in stages.

Because moss is planted together, it is hard to get tired of, and depending on the environment, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

The handmade pod of Shigaraki ware and the white pebbles laid on it make it attractive as a bonsai.

If you want to enjoy a different type of bonsai than pine bonsai, it’s worth a try.


Cherry Blossom Bonsai (Shigaraki-yaki pot)

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Goyo-matsu and Longevity Plum Bonsai

Enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese garden

This is a bonsai with a cute plum tree next to Goyo-matsu.

Plum trees are deciduous trees, and beautiful red flowers bloom in spring and autumn. Many white flowers bloom in spring.

The soil is decorated with beautiful green moss, and you can appreciate it immediately after you buy it.

Check it out if you want to enjoy evergreen and deciduous trees at the same time in a bonsai that looks like part of a Japanese garden.


Goyo-matsu and Longevity Plum Bonsai

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Shinpaku (Chinese Junuiper) Bonsai Without Pot

Bonsai that can be arranged to your liking

You need to buy a pod separately, but you can arrange it to your liking. The 15 cm tall Shinpaku tree is used, so it is attractive that you can decorate anywhere. It is affordable, so it is easy to use for practice.

Recommended for those who want to arrange moss and gravel, or those who want to enjoy bonsai from making a layout.


Shinpaku (Chinese Junuiper) Bonsai Without Pot

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It is important to choose a pot that is easy to grow.

Many small bonsai come with pots, but some don’t.

Check the bottom for holes and glazes to make plants grow easier.

Choose a pot that has a hole in the bottom and is the right depth and shape for the plant.

Choose a small bonsai pot with a hole in the bottom that drains moderately and prevents root rot. If the pot has no bottom hole, water may accumulate at the bottom and cause root rot.

If you use a pot that doesn’t have a hole, use a tool to make a hole.


The depth and shape that match the plant are also important. If the pod is too deep, it will look bad and the temperature of the soil will not rise, which will make it difficult to grow.

On the other hand, if it is shallow, it may be difficult to stabilize and cause root clogging. For small bonsai with a height of less than 10 cm, a size 2 pot with a diameter of about 6 cm is suitable.


Bonsai No.2 Pot

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I also recommend a moss ball with a unique texture that can be freely arranged.

If you don’t want to see the soil in a pod, I recommend moss ball which you can decorate without using a pod.

A moss ball is a ball of soil wrapped with moss, and it is attractive that you can enjoy a different taste from bonsai. If you change the type of moss, paving stones and plates, you can arrange it to your liking.


There are bonsai that are already sold in moss balls, so I recommend that to people who find it troublesome to wrap moss by themselves. You don’t have to buy moss and soil separately, so you can start easily.

Arrange a small bonsai using moss

The bright green moss is perfect for arranging bonsai and making moss balls.

Just by covering it on the soil, the atmosphere will be much better. The following article introduces moss, so check it out if you’re curious.

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