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10 Recommended Mail-order Frozen Ramen 🍜

You can easily make frozen ramen at home and enjoy its authentic taste. In Japan, they are also sold at convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven Lawson, and are appreciated as a lunch or late-night snack when busy.

However, there are various kinds of frozen ramen. Some people can’t decide which one to choose.

So, this time, I will show you how to choose frozen ramen and recommended products that are popular in mail order.

There are many popular products such as ramen that doesn’t need water and champon noodles with lots of ingredients. Please refer to it.

How to choose frozen ramen

Choose thawing method or cooking method

There are various ways to make frozen ramen depending on the product. The appeal of frozen ramen is that it is easy and delicious.

Choose products that suit your lifestyle and taste as delicious and easy as possible.

If you want to make it simply, you don’t need water.

For those who just want to make it easily, I recommend products that do not require water. It is a frozen product with layers of soup, noodles and ingredients, so you don’t need to add water and you don’t need to prepare ingredients.

You just put it in a pot and heat it. You don’t need to measure the water, so you can always enjoy ramen with the same taste.

If you want to do less dishes, use the microwave.

If you want to do less dishes, I recommend using a microwave to make frozen ramen. The noodles, soup and ingredients are separated, and only the noodles are thawed in the microwave, and the soup and ingredients are heated separately.

All you have to do is put the soup in a bowl for ramen and add the warmed noodles and ingredients, so you only have to wash the ramen bowl.

By the way, most of the frozen ramen sold at convenience stores are this type.

If you want to save time, I recommend the type without soup.

Not only is it easy, but for those who want to make it as quickly as possible, I recommend the non-soup type frozen ramen. It is finished faster than regular ramen, so you can eat it easily even when you are hungry.

Many of these can be cooked in a microwave, so they are perfect for lunch or midnight snack when you are busy.

Frozen ramen at a popular ramen shop is also good.

The attraction of frozen ramen is that you can easily enjoy the taste of popular ramen shops.

There are similar products for instant noodles, but frozen ramen can reproduce the firmness of noodles and the flavor of soup which is quite close to the original taste.


The flavors of Hakata ramen in Fukuoka and famous ramen shops in Tokyo and Yokohama are also reproduced with frozen ramen. If you want to stick to ramen even if it’s frozen, please check it out.

Depending on the situation, only noodles are good.

If you want to use it for noodles to put in a hot pot or for an arranged dish, I recommend a product with only noodles.

Since it is only noodles, it goes well with any hot pot dish, and you can arrange it like pasta or yakisoba noodles.

It would be fun to make your own original ramen by combining frozen ramen with noodles only and soup sold separately.

I will introduce the recommended frozen ramen!

Fumiko Farm Frozen Ramen 3 Kinds, 9 Meal Set

Ramen that is convenient if you always stock it.

It is a set of 9 frozen ramen with 3 kinds in total. It contains 5 servings of Wakayama ramen with tonkotsu soy sauce flavor, 2 servings of Wakayama champon, and 2 servings of Kita ramen with miso tonkotsu flavor.

The noodles, soup and ingredients are all in a lump, so just put them in the pot and boil for 3 minutes.


Fumiko Farm Frozen Ramen 3 Kinds, 9 Meal Set

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Yokohama Ramen Cooking without Water 12-meal Set

For those who like rich Yokohama ramen.

It is a thick ramen with thick straight noodles based on pork bone soy sauce from Yokohama.

You can also feel that they are particular about toppings such as char siu, spinach and grilled seaweed.

The soup, noodles and ingredients are all in one, so you can eat it just by putting it in a pot and warming it up.


Yokohama Ramen Cooking without Water 12-meal Set

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Marushige Rich Tonkotsu Ramen 3-meal Set

It comes with super thick cha shu.

You can enjoy the taste of Marushige, a popular ramen shop in Oita, while you are at home. The combination of thick soup and chewy flat noodles is exquisite.

The thick char siu that can be cut easily with chopsticks is also attractive. If you put fried bean sprouts and cabbage on it, you can make the same rich tonkotsu ramen as the shop.


Marushige Rich Tonkotsu Ramen 3-meal Set

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Yokozuna Ramen Cooking without Water 6-meal Set

The combination of thin noodles and tonkotsu soy sauce soup is exquisite.

It is tonkotsu soy sauce ramen supervised by Yokozuna, which originated from ramen stall in Kyoto. The rich soup mixes well with the thin noodles and you can enjoy the deliciousness.

Ingredients are a set of 2 pieces of roasted char siu, bamboo shoots and green onions, and you just put the contents of the bag in the pot and it’s done.


Yokozuna Ramen Cooking without Water 6-meal Set

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Yokohama Ankake Ramen 12-meal Set

Yokohama Chinatown’s famous cuisine is completed in the microwave.

This is supervised by the owner chef of Akasaka Rikyu, a Cantonese restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown. You can cook in the microwave, so you can enjoy authentic Chinese easily even when you don’t have time.

The secret of the deliciousness is the thick ankake soup with 8 kinds of ingredients such as pork and wood ear mushrooms.


Yokohama Ankake Ramen 12-meal Set

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Heichinro Char Siu Noodles 5-meal Set

Super-sized char siu that is second to none

It is a soy sauce ramen characterized by thick char siu that is filling. It is also popular in the basement of department stores as a ramen set at a famous restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown.

The soup which does not use chemical seasonings or synthetic preservatives has a light and deep taste with the flavor of pork, chicken and bonito condensed.


Heichinro Char Siu Noodles 5-meal Set

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Kadoya Shokudo Ramen Cooking without Water

The taste of famous shop using carefully selected ingredients

It is a soy sauce ramen supervised by Kadoya Shokudo, a popular ramen shop in Kansai.

In addition to soy sauce, the soup is made from carefully selected ingredients such as shaved chicken and horse mackerel, giving it a deep flavor.

It comes with ingredients such as char siu, white onion, bamboo shoots, soup and noodles, so it is easy to cook.


Kadoya Shokudo Ramen Cooking without Water 6-meal Set

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Kurenai Rich Spicy Miso Ramen 3-meal Set

The stimulation and flavor is addictive! The texture of the noodles is also fun.

You can enjoy the most popular ramen at home at the popular ramen shop Kurenai in Fuchu City, Tokyo.

Rich soup made with plenty of spices and spicy miso is combined with special chili oil filled with flavor. The noodles, which are randomly cut into seven different thicknesses, are made with a unique blend of flour.


Kurenai Rich Spicy Miso Ramen 3-meal Set

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Ore-no-ikirumichi Yume-no Ramen

The pork bone soup with the sweetness of meat and vegetables is addictive.

The pork bone soy sauce flavored soup with the sweetness of the meat and vegetables mixes well with the slightly soft flat noodles, and once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop eating.

It is also recommended to put vegetables such as bean sprouts and cabbage as you like.

If you like online gourmet, please check it out.


Ore-no-ikirumichi Yume-no Ramen

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Heichinro White Sesame Dandan Noodles without Soup

The spiciness is addictive, and it has an authentic taste.

It is a product that recreates the taste of Heichinro, a famous restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown, and it is tantan noodles without soup, which is addictive to its refreshing spiciness.

You can enjoy the exquisite harmony of sesame sauce, meat miso and Heichinro’s special noodles. You can enjoy both cold and warm noodles, so I recommend you to add your favorite ingredients.


Heichinro White Sesame Dandan noodles without Soup

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There are also low-sugar products!

I think there are many people who like ramen but can’t eat it because they are on diet and sugar restriction.

However, some frozen ramen uses low-sugar ingredients and has the same texture and flavor as ramen.


For example, Low Carbohydrate Noodles from Menkuru is a frozen ramen that contains indigestible starch derived from wheat.

It is made into chewy and low-sugar noodles by an original manufacturing method. In addition, 1 packet of 150 g of noodles contains about 34 g of dietary fiber (equivalent to about 10 heads of lettuce), so you can easily and deliciously consume the dietary fiber you need per day even when you are on a diet.

If you’re worried about calories, try making a low-calorie version of the soup so it won’t interfere with your diet. Please check out the low-sugar frozen ramen!


Low Carbohydrate Noodles 150 g x 12 Bags

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