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Beautiful Plant Night Views in Japan – Wakayama Oil Refinery 🌉

Coastal areas of Kobe, Osaka and Wakayama in Kansai are among the leading industrial zones in Japan.

At night, you can see a fantastic night view with the lights emitted from each plant. Among them, there’s a place in Wakayama Prefecture where you can see the most beautiful night view of the plant.

JXTG Wakayama Oil Refinery is open 24 hours a day, so you can always enjoy a beautiful night view of the plant. Not a few people from outside of the prefecture come here to take pictures.


This plant is located in Arita City, Wakayama Prefecture. It used to be called Tonen General Wakayama Plant, but now the company name has changed due to the merger.

You need to go a little far to see the night view. If you go up the farm road of mandarin oranges field on the east side from this plant, there’s a space to expand your view on the side of the road.

There’s no observation deck here, but you can overlook the plant from the side of the road.
You can enjoy the beautiful night view of the plant for free.


You can often see the night view of Kobe City and Osaka City, but you can’t see the night view of the plant very often, so you’ll feel very fresh!

The metallic feel of the center of the plant and the surrounding tanks is impressive.

Twilight is better than a perfect night, and you can see the silhouette of the island and the blue of the ocean in the distance.


How to get to the observatory

If you go from Osaka, take JR limited express train from Osaka station to Wakayama station. Then change to a local train at Wakayama Station and get off at JR Hatsushima Station which is the 8th station from there.

JR Hatsushima Station

From Hatsushima Station you can either take a taxi or walk, but it’s about 1.5 km on foot. (Please refer to the following map for the route to the observatory.)

It will be a mountain road on the way. It’s a narrow road as wide as a car and there’re no street lights, so you need a light.

The area around the observatory is a mandarin orange field, and there’s a gate to prevent animals from entering. Please never enter the gate as it is off-limits. Because the inside of the gate is private property.


Route from JR Hatsushima Station to the observation point

Such beautiful plant night view integrated with nature is rare even in Japan.

You must be worried about going to a place you don’t know, so I recommend you to go with more than 2 people.

In the coming season, the humidity is low and the air becomes clear, so it’s perfect for taking pictures of night views. Let’s go out with warm clothes to prevent catching a cold.


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