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Hep Five Ferris Wheel – Be on the Building in Umeda, Osaka 🎡

In a shopping mall HEP FIVE located in the center of Umeda in Osaka, a ferris wheel is installed so as to cut into the upper part of the mall.

The red Ferris wheel with a diameter of 75 meters is the symbol of this mall.

The gondola goes up to 106 meters above the ground from the platform on the seventh floor of the building through the rooftop.

It takes about 15 minutes to make a round. If the weather is good, you can see Osaka Bay.

What’s HEP FIVE?

HEP FIVE is a commercial complex with many tenants. HEP is the acronym for Hankyu Entertainment Park, and FIVE is derived from Hankyu Five a commercial complex that once stood in the same place.

The building consists of three basement floors and ten floors above ground, and is mainly a fashion brand for women in their 10 s and 20 s.

There are more than 170 shops such as general goods, gourmet, and amusement.


A red whale welcomes you.

When you enter the HEP FIVE, this huge whale will welcome you first.

It’s a huge red whale object with a total length of 20 meters that is hung in the open ceiling space on the 1st to 6th floor.

This is one of the HEP FIVE photo spots where many people hold up their smartphones or cameras to take commemorative photos.

It is a famous spot where you can see many pictures of taking commemorative photos with red whales in the background on SNS.

Let’s get on the Ferris wheel.

After taking a picture with a red whale, let’s get on the red Ferris wheel on the rooftop. The fare is 600 yen.

The staff will guide you in order, so let’s buy a ticket and wait in line.

There are buildings and roads right under the Ferris wheel, so the windows are closed to prevent falling objects. Therefore, the gondola is equipped with air conditioning, so it is comfortable even in summer.

Inside the gondola, information such as what you can see on the north side and what you can see on the south side is posted with stickers.

It’s a Ferris wheel on the top of the building, so it goes higher than other Ferris wheels. It may be a little scary for people who don’t like high places.

It takes about 15 minutes 1 lap. If you want to see beautiful scenery far away, I recommend a day with good weather.

Since the night view is beautiful after evening, it is popular among many couples.

The Ferris wheel of HEP FIVE is like a landmark of this city where you can overlook the city of Osaka. When visiting Umeda, please stop by HEP FIVE!

Don Quixote’s unique Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel Ebisu Tower is available at Don Quijote in Dotonbori.

The highest point is an oval ferris wheel 77.4 m above ground and 32 m wide, and the seats are bench seats.

You can see not only the Dotonbori area, but also the symbol of Osaka, Tsutenkaku and Abeno Harukas.


There are two differences between the Ebisu Tower and a normal Ferris wheel. The first one is that the gondola goes around on the rail, not the suspended type.

Second, when you get on the gondola, it rotates 180 degrees horizontally.

This is a very rare Ferris wheel that is unparalleled in the world.

The platform is on the 3rd floor of Don Quijote. The capacity is 4 people. When you get on the gondola, the safety bar will secure you.

From the start of the ride until you climb straight up, the balance device works to keep the gondola level, and the starting sound is very cool. If you like machinery, you will be excited!

After that, the gondola rotates horizontally at 180 degrees, and the view of the south side of Dotonbori spreads before your eyes.

It takes about 15 minutes to go around. You can’t miss the change in the scenery until you reach the highest point. Let’s look for “Tsutenkaku".


There are many unusual buildings in Osaka, but the setting situation of the Ferris wheel is no exception.

Please try it if you have a chance!



HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel 

  • Hours: 11:00~22:45 (Last boarding time)
  • Closed: Irregular holidays
  • Admission: 600 yen (Free for children under elementary school students)
  • Website

Ebisu Tower Ferris Wheel

  • Hours: 11:00~22:45 (Last boarding time)
  • Open all year round
  • Admission: 600 yen
  • Website

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