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Swordsmith Experience in Kameoka, Kyoto

There’s a workshop in Kameoka City, Kyoto where you can experience making short swords.

The workshop called Masahiro-Tantoujo is popular among foreign tourists.

We can experience the same process as a Japanese sword by hammering a steel burnt red in a smithy. About 30 people visit every month, with their eyes shining, saying, “It’s interesting to experience Japanese culture.".

How to make a Japanese sword

First, the raw material for swords is Tamahagane (Ball steel), which is made from iron sand and charcoal.

Pound the Tamahagane with a hammer to apply pressure and form it into the shape of a sword while increasing the strength.

Once the shape is formed, sharpen the blade to make a Japanese sword.

It’s said that under Japanese law, Japanese swords can be made up to 2 times a month, but Masahiro-Tantoujo has an order to make swords for 6 months.

Let’s make a short sword.

In the sword making experience, using the same Tamahagane as the Japanese sword, you can make a short sword with a 15 cm blade length by striking and stretching the steel yourself.

Also, you can put your own signature on the short sword you made, and you can actually use it.

Of course you can take a short sword home. Comes with a nice box.

It’s possible to ask attractive young sword craftsmen about Japanese swords which cannot be heard anywhere else.

Here you can spend a day learning Japanese culture and experience it one step further.


  • Start time: 9:00 and 13:00, 2 times a day only

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