Unique Izakaya in Osaka – Sakaisuji Honmachi Kyuyujo

A unique izakaya (Japanese style pub) is attracting attention in Kansai, but the gas station izakaya Kyuyujo, which was built based on the concept of a gas station for the first time in Japan, is an interesting izakaya that is often featured in the media.

What kind of shop is it?

Let me introduce the charm of this shop.

What’s Gas Station Izakaya?

“Sakaisuji Honmachi Kyuyujo” is the first izakaya in Japan built based on the concept of gas stations.

There’s a price information board outside the store that you often see at gas stations. Especially at night, this signboard stands out even from a distance.

It says low-malt beer is regular, Super Dry is high-octane and Chuhai is light oil, but there’re also super high-octane (Premium Beer) and heavy oil (Black Beer) on the menu in the shop.

Let’s get some energy after work! That’s easy to invite.

Let’s go inside!

When you enter the shop, you’ll see a retro car first. It says “Now on sale 20 million yen” and it seems to be for sale. But it has been a symbol of this shop for several years, so it seems that there’re no buyers yet.

There’s a familiar “Engine stopped during refueling” sign on the wall, and they’re particular about gas stations in every detail.

There’re standing and drinking space, table seats where you can eat calmly, and private rooms, which can accommodate about 60 people. The table space is for 4 people, and for a large group of people, you can use it by joining the seats together.

Alcohol comes out of the pump!

The best thing to see in the shop is the alcohol coming out from the pump! Just like when you put gasoline, you pour alcohol into a mug with a lever. The clerk usually refuel the mug, but if you ask, you can refuel it yourself.

If you pull the lever, alcohol will come out from the cock automatically. It’s so easy, so there’s no problem even if it’s your first time. Please try it.

You can drink more than 60 kinds of alcohol such as bottled beer, chu-hai alcopops, Japanese sake, fruit wine, wine, cocktails, etc., in addition to alcohol that comes out from the pump.

There’re many kinds of soft drinks, so you can have a good time with people who can’t drink.

Delicious and reasonable pizza

You can also enjoy authentic pizza baked in a stone oven which is rare in Izakaya. They always have more than 10 kinds and the price is from 500 yen which is very reasonable. The edge of the pizza is crispy and very delicious. You can also see the performance of spinning pizza dough.

Margherita is exquisite with the sourness of the tomato and the rich flavor of the cheese. This is the most popular pizza in the restaurant with the scent of basil on the top.

A gas station izakaya Kyuyujo is a highly satisfying restaurant where you can not only enjoy alcohol served from the pump, but also enjoy authentic pizza and delicious izakaya menus.

You can enjoy the atmosphere not only at night but also during lunch time, so please visit when you are in the neighborhood.



  • Hours: 17:00 ~
  • Closed: Sundays and National holidays
  • Website