Namba Yasaka Shrine, Osaka – The Powerful Lion 👹

Namba-Yasaka-jinja Shrine in Namba, Osaka. It’s not well known in Japan, but the unique sight of people unintentionally shouting “What’s this?” is popular among foreigners.

What’s this lion?

Passing through the torii gate, you can see a huge lion head. It’s 12 meters tall. It’s equivalent to the height of 4 floors in a building.

A giant lion head in a shrine!

You are speechless at a sight that I’ve never seen before that can be called “unusual”.

What’s this?

Let’s get closer.

This lion head is a stage. Shishimai (Japanese lion dance) performed by children has been popular in this area for a long time, and this Shishibutai (lion’s stage) was created to “Japan’s best lion head!”.

It’s set in the mouth of a lion, and dedicating dances are performed at festivals and Shinto rituals. If you look closely, the ceiling is decorated with a magnificent phoenix.

It’s said that a big mouth brings a chance to win and at the same time swallows evil spirits, and it’s said that it is beneficial to improve luck with money, winning luck, and achievement of study and employment.

In addition, the eyes act as a light and the nose as a speaker. There’re many shrines across Japan, but this is the only place where you can see such a scene.


Popular spot for foreigners

The shishigashira (lion head) that is mind-blowing even among Japanese is very popular among foreigners. Among the shrines that can only be seen in Japan, this is one of the most unique photo spots visited by foreigners.

The number of Japanese worshippers is sparse, but almost always there’re foreigners who devote themselves to filming. If you take a picture with a lion head with such a big impact, You may want to show it on SNS.