Nishiki Market Chocolate Croquettes – Inoue Tsukudani Shop

At Kyoto Nishiki Market, there’s a shop that sells rare food called Chocolate croquette.

This is a a famous product of the long-established Inoue Tsukudani Shop, a sweet gourmet made of chocolate coated with bread crumbs fried in oil.

It was originally a Tsukudani shop, but Chocolate croquette has become a popular menu that surpasses the main dish.

I’ll introduce this chocolate croquette.

What kind of food?

Nishiki market is called the ”kitchen of Kyoto”, and it’s an arcade shopping street lined with many old shops on a narrow street.

Chocolate croquettes are sold at Inoue Tsukudani Shop, one of the long-established shops.

It’s said that croquettes are made of chocolate that is loved by many people, and foreign tourists who heard the rumor look curious.

Many Japanese people have never eaten chocolate croquettes, which is a strange food.

There’re some croquettes in the shop, but they look like ordinary croquettes. It’s 120 yen for 1.

If you want to eat freshly-fried one, you need to wait a little. If you have time, let’s eat freshly fried one.

Let’s try it.

If you break a croquette first, it’s not potato but really chocolate. Ingredients are 100% chocolate.

Smooth chocolate is packed in crispy fried batter. I think you ate it as sweets, not as a meal.

The chocolate is creamy when freshly fried, but it becomes like candy when it gets cold.

It was invented by the owner of the shop a few years ago for Valentine’s Day and is now a famous food of Nishiki Market.

Please try it when you come to Nishiki market. And let’s show your friends that you ate chocolate croquettes.


  • Hours: 9:00~18:00
  • Closed: Wednesday
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