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How to Enjoy Kyoto Racecourse – Not Just a Race! 🐎🐎🐎

Fushimi Ward in Kyoto City is known for its world-famous Fushimi Inari Shrine, but do you know of a racecourse nearby?

The Kyoto Racecourse is one of the most important racecourse in Japan where five G1 races are held.

In particular, the Emperor’s Prize in spring and the Kikka Prize in autumn have been essential races in Japan, and many great competitions have been held.

Many people have an image of racecourse as “middle-aged gambling" but if you go to there, you can see young people, women and people with children.

We often see people with families with strollers, so you can enjoy it like leisure on holidays.

This time, I’ll show you how to enjoy the racecourse for beginners, girls and families.

How to get to the Racecourse

To go to Kyoto Racecourse, Keihan Line is convenient from both Kyoto and Osaka.

When you get off at Yodo station, there’s a racecourse right in front of you. It’s usually a station with few people, but it’s crowded with many people on the race day.

When you get off the station, follow the direction board. The admission fee is 200 yen. (Free for children under 15)


Check out the Paddock!

Racecourse has a ground like place called paddock. Before the race, the horses that are going to run are led by a stable clerk and walk around the paddock.

First, let’s observe the horses here and make predictions! You can also take pictures.

Of all the other racecourse in Japan, the Kyoto Racecourse’s paddock offers a close-up view of horses and jockeys!

Checkpoints of the Racehorses

▼Walking: It’s good to walk smoothly and rhythmically. Be careful of rushing and rampaging.
▼Body: Horses with a lot of muscles are good
▼Neck: It’s in good condition, If a horse walks with its neck up and down.
▼Sweat: Horses that sweat a lot should be careful (Especially in the summer)

There’re many other checkpoints, but it’s fun to look at the features and facial expressions. A young horse cries, so it’s fun to watch it without getting bored.


How to Bet

Once the horse has finished circling in the paddock, move to the betting area and predict race wins and losses!

The details of how to purchase a betting card are written here, so please check it.

The race is held every 30 minutes, so if you want to enjoy it without a break, the cycle is paddock → prediction and betting → move → race → move → paddock…

Tens of thousands of people gather at the racecourse and the paddock is packed with people on G1 race days when prizes are high. You may be confused at first, but enjoy it at your own pace.

For beginners, I think the best way is to enjoy the prediction without worrying too much about difficult things. You can buy a betting card from 100 yen, so let’s enjoy it peacefully while discussing with your budget.

Watch the Exciting Race!

In the live race, the sound of horse’s feet sounds like the rumbling of the ground. The speed of running through is fast, so it’s very powerful! 🐎🐎🐎

If you remember the color of the jockey’s hat, it is easier to see and you can enjoy the development during the race.

Soon after the horses finish the last corner, the front of the goal is the most popular position to decide the outcome. If the difference is so subtle that you can’t see it by sight, check the slow image of the big vision.

The steep slope in the third corner is a major feature of the Kyoto Racecourse, and you can enjoy a high-speed race with horses accelerated down the slope.

Enjoy the Racecourse

The Kyoto Racecourse has a clean environment so even families can enjoy it. Smoking is separated in the hall, and smoking is prohibited except for the smoking area, so it’s safe to bring children. Actually, I often see people with family.

It’s good to watch the race up close, but there’s an outdoor stand, so you can sit on a chair and watch from above. In addition to the outdoor stands, you can also purchase paid indoor reserved seats (1,000 yen~).


UMAJO SPOT is a cafe for women only. The place is so stylish that you wouldn’t think you are at a racecourse. There’s also a free drink service depending on the day.

There’re also playground equipment and events such as Kamen Rider Show that children can enjoy.

You can enjoy it without buying a betting card, so why don’t you go there once?

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