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Best Buy Sunscreens – UV Care Products, Made in Japan ☀️

There’re four seasons in Japan, and the amount of UV rays varies throughout the year. The amount of UV rays starts to increase gradually from April and peaks from May to August.

Sunscreen made in Japan is not sticky, spreads well, and less strain on the skin. And the sunscreen effect is also excellent.

The performance of the latest sunscreen is basically SPF50 +/PA ++++.

I’ll show you three popular sunscreens in Japan. Please find the right product for you!

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery 85g Sunscreen SPF50 +/PA++++

   ★For face and body, Water proof, Allergy tested

The Biore series is one of the most famous sunscreens in Japan. Biore is high performance and cheap, so I recommend it to people who want to try Japanese sunscreen for the first time.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery 85g Sunscreen SPF50 +/PA++++ 【Large capacity】

This product is hard to be removed by sweat and water, and its feature is that a water capsule is contained in the gel. With the effect of this water capsule, skin moisturizing effect lasts.

Gel is very light and spreads well. It’s very fresh, so recommended for those who like smooth feeling.

Hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract are contained as moisturizing ingredients. It has a citrus fragrance like grapefruit.


Kanebo ALLIE Extra UV Gel Sunscreen SPF50 +/PA++++

   ★For face and body, Water proof, Allergy tested

ALLIE is a popular sunscreen in Japan. It’s a double proof gel of “Super Waterproof" which is resistant to sweat and water, and “Friction Proof" which is resistant to friction and rubbing.

Kanebo ALLIE Extra UV Gel Sunscreen SPF50 +/PA++++ 90g

You will be surprised at how well the gel spreads when you apply it on your skin. It spreads well even with a small amount. And after applying sunscreen, it blends into the skin immediately and doesn’t feel sticky.

It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen which are beauty essence ingredients, and it also has makeup base effect.

This light feeling is helpful when we need to repaint many times, such as when we are out for a long time. Also, there’s no smell specific to sunscreen. It’s a product with a high overall feeling of application.


ANESSA Perfect UV Suncreen Skincare Milk SPF50+/PA++++

   ★For face and body, Water proof, Allergy tested

Finally, I’ll introduce Anessa’s sunscreen which is always on the top of the market.

ANESSA Perfect UV Suncreen Skincare Milk

This product has a surprising technology that strengthens the UV blocking film when it’s exposed to sweat and water. It protects us from leisure such as the sea.

The inside is white and smooth emulsion type, and makeup does not come off easily even when used as makeup base.

This product is a refreshing “Citrus soap scent" that is very popular among women.

Anessa is a brand owned by Shiseido, which has the largest share of the Japanese cosmetics market.

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