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Attractiveness of Nishijin-ori (Nishijin Textile)

Nishijin-ori (Nishijin textile) is a textile mainly produced in Kyoto prefecture and is designated as a national traditional craft.

This time, I’d like to introduce the history and attractiveness of Nishijin-ori, which has been highly praised overseas.


History of Nishijin-ori

The origin of Nishijin-ori is old and it goes back to the Heian period (794-1185).

In the Muromachi period (1336-1573), there was a great civil war (Onin War) which continued for 11 years. Because the headquarters of the Western Army was established in the place where the textile craftsmen lived, the craftsmen evacuated to another area once.

After the civil war ended, the craftsmen gathered again where the headquarters (Honjin) of the Western (Nishi) Army was, and resumed their textile (Orimono) business, which is the origin of the name “Nishijin-ori" (Nishi Honjin Orimono).

Around this time, Nishijin-ori began to develop as a leading Japanese textile brand. In the Meiji period, advanced technology was realized by introducing a Jacquard loom from France (1872).

The manufacturing process differs slightly depending on the weaving shop, but 12 types of Nishijin-ori are designated by law.

Today, in addition to traditional kimonos, they are also making efforts to produce items that match the times, such as Western-style kimonos and interior decorations.

Nishijin Textile Center

If you want to know more about Nishijin-ori, please visit the website of Nishijin Textile Center .


Characteristics and Manufacturing Method of Nishijin-ori

Nishijin-ori weaves patterns using dyed threads.

It takes many processes to weave. Most of these processes are based on a system of division of labor and are carried out by specialists.

The processes can be divided into production planning, preparation of raw materials, preparation of machines, weaving, and finishing.

This manufacturing method is used because many kinds and patterns of products need to be made.

Many textiles are made, ranging from old-fashioned to modern, and are used in a variety of products, including bags, wallets and ties.

If you visit Kyoto, please learn more about Nishijin-ori and experience its greatness!

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