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The Village of Mongolia in Hyogo, Japan

There’s a view of Mongolian prairies in the mountains of Hyogo prefecture. That is Otani Mongol no Sato.

This is a facility where you can experience Mongolian culture such as Mongolian mobile residence ger. 🎪

There’re multiple gers on the premises where you can experience living and staying in Mongolia. Let’s go to Otani Mongol no Sato where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Mongolia while you are in Japan!

Mongolian Traditional Costume Experience

First, let’s experience dressing Mongolian traditional costume. Unlike Japanese Kimono, it doesn’t take time to dress. When you wear a Mongolian Kimono called deel and a hat, you instantly transform into a Mongolian grassland man.

Costumes are prepared for men, women and children. Let’s take a picture with the ger in the background!

Mongolian traditional costume dressing experience: 500 yen

Mongolians live in extremely harsh natural conditions. The deel covers a large area over the surface of the body and is made to be highly confidential. It can also be used as bedding. The belt supports the back and is useful for riding horses for long distances.

Delicious Mongolian Cuisine

Dinner at Otani Mongol no Sato is barbecue!

In Mongolia, mutton is an essential ingredient in daily cooking. You can enjoy the mutton. The characteristic of mutton is that it smells a little, but this meat doesn’t make you feel that way.

Black edamame

All the vegetables are grown around here, and especially the black edamame of Sasayama specialty goes well with beer. The bread is of course handmade.

The dinner you eat in the nature of the different space will be a special feeling!

You can play with goats here!

The goat is full of energy and can walk or run with him with a leash. But goats are quite strong, so you might be swayed around.


Staying at Ger!

Mongolian nomads need to move their homes in search of grasslands to feed their livestock adequately.

The ger is a traditional mobile home that can be easily dismantled and assembled by a few adults, but it can withstand temperatures as cold as minus 40 degrees Celsius.

The ger frame is made of strong willow wood and is covered with a highly insulating felt. It’s sturdier than it looks, and the inside is very comfortable. The entrance is also stylish.

The interior is very stylish. It’s very clean and has a cute atmosphere. The chairs, pillars and pictures are all handmade! It’s also good to sleep in a sleeping bag!

By the way, the ger is fully equipped with air conditioner and oil heater. You can stay comfortably in both hot and cold seasons.

When you open the skylight, you can see the starry sky at night when the weather is good. 🌌

2 large gers (Capacity: 10) and 1 medium gers(Capacity: 6).


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Otani Mongol no Sato is made by Sutin Doron, who runs a Mongolian restaurant in Osaka. Today, it’s a precious place where you can experience life in Mongolia within staying in Japan.

Sutin Doron can teach you a lot about Mongolia, so it’s highly recommended for people who want to learn about Mongolian culture and experience it.

How about going to Otani Mongol no Sato where you can experience real ger?

Otani Mongol no Sato