Dotonbori Fishing Pond – Things to do in Osaka 🎣

Do you know how you can fish in Dotonbori, the center of Osaka sightseeing?

Do I fish in that river in Dotonbori? You may think so, but there’s a shop called Dotonbori Fishing Pond instead.

You can enjoy fishing empty-handed as carp, sturgeon and eel are released at the fishing pond.

It’s perfect for taking a break during a trip or for a slightly different date course.

Where is it? What kind of shop?

It’s in the downtown area of Dotonbori where Glico signboard and Kani-Douraku are.

If you go down the stairs in the game arcade, you will see a big fish sign in front of you. This is a sturgeon.

When you hear sturgeons, you’ll imagine caviar. However, unfortunately, you cannot take back the fish you caught at the fishing pond.

You can’t take sturgeons home, but you can have them put your name on the fishing list in the shop.

Let’s do your best to be named!

There’re two ponds, one large and one small, divided into carp, catfish, sturgeon pond and eel pond.

This is a big pond.

The ticket comes with a fishing rod, bait and apron, and you can choose 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Depending on the fish you catch, you can get points and get prizes according to the number of points.

There’re cheap sweets and nostalgic accessories, and it’s like a stall at a night shop.

The price list and explanation are written in English, so it’s easy to understand.

Many couples on dates and foreign tourists from Osaka come to visit.

You can see fish swimming in the pond. Wait, sturgeon!

Start fishing!

When you put on an apron, the staff will teach you various things like how to fish at first.

The bait is shaped like a ball about 3cm in diameter. you put it on the needle in small portions.

Put the bait on the hook right away!

Stare at the float peeping from the water. You can’t take my eyes off the float even for a moment.

If you’re lucky, you can catch sturgeons.

I was able to catch 1 sturgeon and 2 carp in 60 minutes that day.

The caught fish is released into the pond.

Even if you can catch fish or not, you can get a prize at the end.


Eel fishing

There is a pond for eel fishing next to the pond for carp and sturgeon.

Let’s try eel fishing next time!

If you look into the pond, you can see eels swimming around.

An eel fishing rod has a very strong needle.

In the eel fishing of this shop, you hook this needle on the gill of the eel. It seems a little painful for eel.

It’s very difficult compared to bait fishing.

If the thread breaks or gets tangled and you can’t play, the game is over.

If you regret it, you can try again by paying an additional fee.

※Even if you catch eel, you can’t bring it back and make it unaju.

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There’s also a washstand to wash your hands. Wash your hands after touching the fish.

How about enjoying fishing after eating takoyaki in Dotonbori? I think that will be an interesting souvenir story.


  • Hours: 10:00~23:30
  • Open all year round
  • Fees: 750 yen for 30 minutes, 1,080 yen for 60 minutes, 650 yen for eel fishing
  • Website

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