Kawai-jinja Shrine – Praying for Pretty in Kyoto

There’s a small shrine southwest of Tadasu-no-Mori Forest in Shimogamo-jinja Shrine, which is known as a world cultural heritage.

The shrine is called Kawai-jinja Shrine and is popular among Japanese women as a place to pray for beautiful women.

You can also pray for matchmaking, easy delivery and childcare here, and it’s also attracting attention for the rare Kagami-ema.

What’s in the precincts

When you enter the precincts, you can see many women paying their respects.

And you can see Kagami-ema with many pictures of faces. Just looking at it is fun.

It’s said that you can get your ideal face if you put makeup that looks like your face on this Kagami-ema. In addition, by writing a wish on the back side, not only the outside but also the inside can become beautiful. (You need to pay 800 yen to get Kagami-ema.)

I think it is necessary to polish your mind to be really beautiful.

Let’s make a Kagami-ma.

Let’s move to a place called Kagami-ema restroom to put makeup on Kagami-ema.

Using crayons arranged in the restroom, it beautifully colors the Kagami-ema. You can use your own cosmetics.

You can draw freely, so you will feel like you are a child and get excited.

After putting makeup on the Kagami-ema, write your wish on the back.

When the Kagami-ema is completed, you will dedicate it to the precincts.

You feel sorry to leave the Kagami-ema you made with my wish, but the prayer is completed by dedicating it.

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For beautiful skin with beautiful water

You can have beautiful water using “Karin (Chinese quince)" in the precincts. (350 yen)

Karin is rich in vitamin C and has the effect of enhancing the synthesis of polyphenol and collagen, so it’s the best fruit for beautiful skin. Karin grown in the garden of the shrine is used.

Beautiful water has a sweet and refreshing taste and is very delicious. you’ll be happy if you skin becomes more beautiful!

In order to be beautiful, daily efforts are of course important, but if you are worried about “My diet doesn’t go well." or have a goal of “You want to improve my sense of beauty." then I recommend praying for beautiful women at Kawai-jinja Shrine.

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