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Kumano-fude – High Quality Makeup Brush

Kumano-fude is a high-quality brush made in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is the largest producer of brushes in Japan.

The hair used in Kumano-fude is what goats and deer are called “Inochige" as they were born. By using this hair as it is, a delicate brush is created.

It’s so soft that when we touch the tip of the brush, it feels round and we don’t know if we touch it. The smooth touch of the hair makes we want to rub our cheeks against it.

The reason is in the manufacturing process of Kumano-fude craftsmen.

There’re 73 manufacturing processes. The craftsman sorts good quality hair suitable for a brush and not so good hair by hand and makes a bundle. The quality of animal hair varies depending on the climate and environment of the year, so it depends on the craftsman’s experience whether the brush is good or bad.

Other than that, adjust the length or bundle it back to the specified thickness, trim the hair and wrap it up with thread…It’s easy to write, but it goes without saying that these works require the skill of a craftsman and a sense of intuition.

It’s a delicate manufacturing unique to Japan.

There’re calligraphy brushes, Japanese paintbrushes, and western paintbrushes in Kumano-fude, but makeup brushes are especially famous in recent years. It’s known that many famous makeup artists around the world who make up Hollywood actresses and famous models love it.


The feature of Kumano-fude is not only gentle to the skin, but also easy to use that foundation and eye shadow can be applied to the skin softly and beautifully just by applying a little.

I’ll introduce a makeup brush that is very popular in Japan.


Kumano-fude Make-up Brush Starter Set (5 brushes)

This set contains the minimum brush necessary for beginners of makeup, and it covers the lack of technique and finishes it firmly, naturally, quickly and beautifully. (Face brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush and comb, teak brush)

Kumano-fude Make-up Brush Starter Set (Pack of 5 Makeup Brush)

Especially for the face brush, the highest class goat hair is used in consideration of the powder content and the gentleness to the skin.

The handle is made of wood and has been painted four times to create an elegant black. We can feel the warmth of the wood when we pick it up and the moist and gentle feeling from the high-quality paint that plastic doesn’t.

Also recommended for men who don’t know what to choose as a gift for women.


Kumano-fude Make-up Brush True Selection (8 brushes)

This is not the minimum number of pieces required for makeup, but the content of the set is satisfactory even for advanced makeup experts, and we can do a complete makeup with these 8 pieces. (Face brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush and comb, cheek brush, eye brow, eyeliner, mascara)

Kumano-fude Make-up Brush True Selection (Pack of 8 Makeup Brush)

Using carefully selected raw hair, craftsmen with the technique of making calligraphy brushes use traditional techniques that do not cut the tip of the hair, and painstakingly create each and every makeup brush with a wonderful touch.Both the handle and the metal parts are made in Japan. The handle is made of wood with a high quality spray paint to give it a deep and beautiful metallic red finish. We can feel the authenticity of Made in Japan.

Professionals always use makeup brushes, but the people who really need genuine makeup tools are those who think they can’t make up well or those who don’t like makeup.

So, if you want to improve your makeup, changing your makeup tools is a shortcut to improving your makeup, rather than having all your cosmetics.


You can buy many Kumano-fude products at in Japan.

While you are in Japan, you can ship them to your home or hotel, but unfortunately you cannot ship them overseas to your country.

You can use Overseas Forwarding Services to solve this problem. This is a very useful service that will make your online shopping more global!

Unlike a brush made by machine, Kumano-fude fits the face perfectly and adheres the makeup powder firmly with the feeling of sticking. So the color comes out well and the makeup doesn’t come off.

The Kumano-fude will cover your technique and make you happy by finishing firmly, naturally, quickly and beautifully!