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Giant Athletic ALPS GYM in Shiga, Japan

Located in Hino-cho, Shiga Prefecture, the Blume Hill takes the village of Bavaria, Germany as its motif. We can enjoy interacting with cute animals and enjoying the beautiful scenery of each season.

This leisure facility is popular among families, and a new giant athletic gym “Alps Gym" was introduced in March 2019.

Athletic made in Germany

The Alps Gym was imported from Germany and is the largest scale in western Japan. It became a hot topic immediately after the release of news on SNS.

Various thrilling attractions at the Alps Gym have attracted attention, and many similar attractions can be found in Shiga Prefecture, but the Alps Gym differs in several ways from such conventional ones.

First, there’s no fixed course at the Alps Gym. In the Alps Gym, each floor has various attractions, a route and a rest area, so we can freely decide our route.

In the past, when the front person stopped, the next person couldn’t move forward and traffic jams often occurred. However, at the Alps Gym, it’s possible to choose a different route based on the situation in the front so that each person can enjoy without stress.

Perfect Safety

The second is solid safety. The Alps gym wears a harness for the whole body while playing. Two metal hooks called carabiners attached to the harness are attached to the wire in the direction of the path.

Each time we move, we swap the carabiners by ourselves and enjoy athletics.

The carabiner locks automatically when we remove one, so your body stays connected to the wire throughout the experience. Therefore, there’s no risk of falling down if we accidentally miss our step.

Not only adults but also people who want to enjoy with children can play safely with this.

Alps Gym also meets European safety standards, which are much stricter than Japan, and all its materials and parts are made in Germany. There’re strict safety standards such as only local craftsmen can repair it.


Experience the Alps Gym

Let’s experience such an amazing Alps gym. First, we put on the harness firmly and have them teach we how to use the carabiner in the first floor area. It seems a little difficult to use at first, but once we get used to it, we can remove it with one hand.

After finishing the lecture, let’s go to the Alps gym!

From the 2nd to the 4th floor, there’re 72 kinds of athletics, ranging from simple ones for elementary school students to professional bouldering and athletics.

At the Alps Gym, each carabiner area is color-coded by difficulty level, and the level is raised in the order of “Blue→Red→Black". If we are not confident enough, choose the blue athletic and get used to it. If we’re confident, start with red and try black.

The usage time is 60 minutes for 1 time. (Including the safety training hours). Even if it takes 60 minutes, some courses use a lot of energy, so please don’t push yourself at first. There’re so many courses that you need to use several times to go around all the courses.

The best view of the observatory

Surprisingly, there’s an observation deck on the top floor of the Alps Gym. There’s usually an extra charge of 300 yen per person, but people who have not experienced the Alps Gym can enjoy this observation deck only.

We can enjoy a panoramic view of the peaceful rural landscape of Hino-cho as well as the park of Blume Hill. We can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season.


How about trying your own stamina at the Alps Gym where everyone from children to adults can enjoy extraordinary experiences?


  • Hours: 10:00~17:00
  • Closed: Wednesdays
  • Admission: 3,000 yen for junior high school students and above, 2,000 yen for elementary school students
  • Duration: 60 minutes (Including safety equipment and safety training hours)
  • Website


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