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Deepening Submarine Bar SHINKA – Unique Bar in Osaka, Japan

SHINKA, a bar located in Osaka City, is called the Submarine Bar because its interior looks just like a submarine.

However, the location is very difficult to find, so there’re many people who can’t get to the there. It has a unique presence as a hideout bar in Osaka known only to those who know it.

The door at the entrance of the bar has a dignified look, and it has a mysterious atmosphere.

Can you open this suspicious door? Be brave and go inside!

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Explore to Find a Bar

As the name suggests, the submarine bar SHINKA is hard to find. It stands quietly in a quiet residential area.

I look for it on Google Map, but I can’t find it. I can’t find the signboard either. When I went back and forth several times, there was a narrow alley. However, it looks like a passage of a private house.

If I go down the alley a little, I can see a suspicious door in the back. It looks like that door is the entrance of the submarine. Few people will come to this bar unless they know its existence.

What kind of space is spread inside? Let’s go inside with mixed feelings of anxiety and expectation!

Like a Movie Set

When I opened the dignified door, it was, as the name suggests, the submarine itself. The lights are dim and the walls are filled with pipes and control panels. The metallic texture and rust are also very realistic, making me feel like I’m really in a submarine.

In addition to the walls, there’re complicated pipes on the ceiling. The interior of the bar is made by the art staff of the theater company, and the quality is as good as the movie set. It looks more like a submarine than a real submarine.

SHINKA is a small bar with only counter seats and small table seats. The dark and small space as if I came to a secret base makes me feel calm.

There’s no menu, so I need to tell the master what I want to drink. Gin tonic is especially popular. He only have nuts and beef jerky.

By the way, I thought the owner was from the Maritime Self-Defense Force, but he said it had nothing to do with it.

Must-see Restroom

At SHINKA, I was also surprised at the restroom. It’s a must-see that the restroom looks like a spaceship that floats up blue and white in the dark. There’s a diving suit hung to the side, so it seems to be a serious obsession.

But be careful when you are in a hurry. The door won’t open whether you pull it or push it. It’s not a slide. This door should be lifted from the bottom up. If you don’t know, you can’t enter. And the lighting of the restroom is not a switch but a breaker type.

I’m impressed with the interior design that even the door of the restroom is carefully designed.

If you open the door at the back of the narrow passage, you can see a strange space that looks just like a submarine.

The hidden bar that you can’t find easily is also attractive. When you visit Osaka, please have a wonderful time at SHINKA!


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